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Packing Tips for Moving Techies
Published on Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Packing Tips for Moving Techies Moving is a stressful and chaotic task in life. It consumes a lot of time, energy and money. It is difficult enough to remain composed during a move. When it comes to packing electronics, the situation becomes frightening.  But if you follow these tips, your valued electronic items should make it to your new home in one piece.

General Packing Tips

1.      When packing, use the original boxes. If this is not possible, be sure to fill the carton with cushioning to keep them from shifting during transit.
2.    Start packing seldom used items a few weeks before the move. This prevents haphazard packing.
3.    Label boxes with 'fragile'.
4.    Lay cushioning at the bottom of the box before putting in carefully wrapped electronics.
5.    Before dissembling equipment, take a picture of the wires and cables so you won't have a hard time putting it back together.

Tips to Pack Common Electronic Gadgets

Computer: Pay close attention to the CPU as this is the most sensitive part of the computer. Refrain from using packing paper when packing a computer because they tend to carry static charges. Mark wires and cables before unhooking them.

LCD TVs: Maximum care is needed when packing LCD TVs. Consider hiring specialty movers to ensure proper care and handling of your entertainment system. Before switching on TV, allow it to set for several hours.

Printers: Remove toner and ink cartridges attached to the printer before packing. If the weather is hot, consider carrying the cartridges with you. Consult your owner's manual for packing instructions.


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