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What to unpack first after moving
Published on Tuesday, 08 May 2012

What to unpack first after movingAfter moving to your new place and having all your boxes delivered, the rooms will be full of things to unpack and unwrap. It can be a little intimidating - thinking what to start unpacking first. Being organized is a must, even if you are not the most organized person. If you have professional movers to unpack for you, you need to know where each item goes. There are a few guidelines you can follow to help you unpack easily, especially if you are doing everything yourself. If you can take a week off from work you will be able to manage faster. If this is not possible, distribute boxes between your family members. If they can unpack and arrange 3 boxes a day/evening, it is still more than nothing. Promise something as a reward to your children or teenagers for each unpacked box, but also for damage-free unpacking. You can hire a babysitter if you don't have time to unpack and look after your small children. Everyone knows that when you move you have to label your boxes properly. This way your movers will know which room to put each box in. Make sure you label the boxes with your essentials with: "open first". A smart way is to put a red ribbon or black tape on them to make it easier for the movers to notice them. Having your essentials unpacked first is a must. Without them, it will be hard to function even the first few hours. All the essentials for the kitchen and bathroom should be unwrapped and arranged properly, ideally by the woman in the house. Put all the food in the fridge as soon as the fridge is set up and prepare the beds for the small children. They get tired first and can't sleep on the floor during the whole unpacking. The first night in the new home is usually the most stressful - everyone is looking for their things, everyone is tired and hungry, but there is a lot to be done, just to be able to go to bed. Being organized is vital, as well as being able to organize the others. Unpacking should be done one room at a time, starting with the kitchen and bathroom. A ready kitchen means you can prepare meals for the family, which saves you money on takeaway food. When unpacking the bedrooms, manage the current season's clothes first. If your children have to start going to school immediately, prepare their bags, clothes, stationery and books. Men usually put emphasis on the living room being organized first - they want to have their TV, DVD player and sofa ready first. This also means more people would be tempted to just sit, watch TV and relax. The living room can wait during the first day and be organized in the end of the second day, once more important things have been arranged. Don't let children tackle electronic appliances or heavy furniture, give them the books boxes, stationery or linen. Anything that can be broken should be tackled with extra care. Unpacking fast and efficiently is great, as long as you don't end up damaging your belongings in the hurry. If everyone has their own bedroom, it should be their responsibility to unpack and arrange it. Move the furniture, set up the beds, but leave the children to arrange their items and decorate the rooms the way they like it. This is really important for children and teenagers who treat their rooms as their own kingdoms. If you have a guest room and a garden, leave them for last. When unpacking try following your initial plan of decorating - you have probably made it in peace and quiet and with a sense of design and aesthetics.

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